What is the Nature of Work of a Photographer

A photographer takes and develops pictures of people, places and objects with various kinds of photographic equipment. The place of his work is called studio. The Studio is fitted with artificial lighting. The photographer also gets contracts outside his studio. His work may be ordered by people who want their portraits or would require him to get every activity of an important event like marriage to be photographed. He may get orders from companies who use commercial photographs for various business functions.

There are several areas in which photographers may specialize, the most common specialties being portrait work, commercial photography and industrial photography. Portrait photographers take pictures of individuals or small groups. In commercial photography, a photographer takes pictures of merchandise, exteriors and interiors, machinery and fashions, both indoors and outdoors to be used in advertising and selling. The Industrial photographer does work that is similar to that of commercial photographer. However his main emphasis is on taking pictures for a single company or firm which may lead to the improvement of factory organization and products. Some other photographic specialties include Press Photography. As press photographer, he combines the ability to find and record dramatic action with photographic ability.' Then one may specialize in aerial photography, making photographs from aircrafts in flight for news and for scientific and military purposes. Another specialization is educational photography. That is, preparing slides and film strips and motion pictures for use in the class room. Another area is scientific photography which means taking pictures for use in scientific research and technical journals. In addition, some photographers write for trade and technical journals, teach photography in schools and institutions, act as representative of photographic equipment manufactures. Some of the photographers specialize in free-lance work. Of late, photography for sports has gained great importance. A Sports Photographer photographs important events of every game for Press and other publicity media.

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