What is Music

What is music? Music is a language of sound. It consists of inarticulate sounds, which are termed as notes in music. Musical sounds are regular vibrations of the air. The smooth, sweet and soothing sounds reproduced from time to time, which create emotions and express feelings are called 'Gita' or 'Sangeeet or 'Music'.

"Music is one of the most profound human achievements. It compliments one's linguistic ability and enters deeply into the human emotional experience. As such, it makes a tremendous contribution to healing when used by trained professionals", said Karl H. Pribhram, Professor Emeritus,

The basic concept of music is rhythm which is the organizer and the energizer. The intellectual recreation of man, both poetry and music, vocal or instrumental, have rhythm as their very spirit and life. There is a saying in Sanskrit that tone is the mother of nature, but rhythm is its father.

The Hindu science of music believes that the rhythm is derived from the study of nature. It is very necessary for a child to grow up with sensitivity to musical rhythm. It sharpens his memory and learning ability, A child should be taught using rhythm as a tool, e.g. by teaching numbers, alphabets & poems etc.

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