Classification and Training of Music Courses

Classification of Music

Music may be classified into Hindustani classical, Carnatic classical, western classical, folk, jazz, pop, fusion, etc., and further as vocal and instrumental music. Going a step ahead, instrumental music is differentiated percussive instruments and wind and string instruments.

Carnatic music has a predominance of devotional character while Hindustani music has a virtuoso quality, This is particularly evident in the exposition of the sahitya.

important role in industries mostly in the west. They use music in the industries increase the product by playing soothing music to the workers. In small scale industries with emphasis on manual work, music can be used as friend. In the machine based industries where music cannot be heard while machines are working it may be played after every two hours of work for 10 minutes or half an hour.

A survey was conducted in USA in a farm where rhythmic music was played while working and it was concluded that the working capacity is increased by 12.9%. In London it was noticed that when soft music was played while packing goods in a company, the working capacity increased by 20%.

Training in Music

In Indian music, the teacher pupil relationship is the most significant factor in the teaching and learning of music — the guru-shishya tradition. In the past there used to be a system of gurukuJ Ashram where teachers imparted knowledge to deserving students. A person considering a career in music should have musical sense, which means a sense of time and rhythm, besides versatility, creative ability and also stage confidence. Above all, it is extremely necessary for the person to be serious and committed to art. Only regular practice of music over several years can yield a good result and help in becoming a successful musician. Training in music is essential in any field or type of music, be it Indian classical or Western Jazz.

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