What is Film & T.V. Courses and Required Personal Attributes for it

"Are you enterprising?" "Can you act?" 'Do you've a wonderful voice?"

If you have any of these qualities, what are you all waiting for? Come on, television is offering the most exciting opportunities for people like you. Don't think twice, just decide. It offers a plethora of opportunities, if you are ready to slog day and night. It gives money, fame and a glamorous life-style to the right kind of people.

Personal Attributes

(i)Ability to churn out continuous original and viable ideas

(ii)Artistic flair

(iii) Ability to work in cooperation with colleagues from different fields

(iv)Sense of responsibility

(v)Creative instincts and ability to work under pressure

(vi)Good at communication skills

(vii)Good with figures, words and ideas. Let's acquaint you with different areas of this industry so that you can go through all the related fields one by one in order to make the right choice.

  1. Leadership qualities which encompass the ability to lead, inspire, organize, and control effectively the entire team.
  2. Enterprising personality It is a must for any producer to have useful contacts with media personnel And one has to arm himself with the most potent weapon i.e. experience. The best way is to join as a production assistant and pick up the tricks of the trade under guidance of a senior.
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