What is Creative Department and Task List in Advertisement Sector

Creative Department

This department writes, directs and illustrates advertising, while coordinating with the other departments of the agency. It aims towards attracting attention of the consumer. The wheels of the Creative Department revolve under the leadership of Creative Director who looks after copy, art and finally production work while the responsibility of writing the core ideas regarding an advertisement lies with the Copy Chief The Copywriters job basically involves writing the press scripts for broadcasting.

Personal requirements for the job of a Copywriter include insights into human behavior, motivational needs and originality with a touch of creativity. They must be able to select relevant facts and dramatize them, write clearly, be able to analyze a situation quickly and possess excellent  concentration. In addition, extensive experience, reading, technical ability when writing for film and television, are also helpful.

  • In general, a Copywriter performs the following tasks:
  • study products or services to decide the main selling features;
  • create ideas for advertising and promotion together with art directors;
  • write headlines and text in such a way as to appeal to the people most likely to buy Mass Media and Mass Communication the product, and submit copy for approval;
  • write advertisements for newspapers, television, radio, cinema screens, billboards, catalogues and displays in shops;
  • write brochures, annual reports, documents, speeches and other sales and promotional material;
  • Discuss theme, style and length of copy with advertisers or management to determine the most suitable approach. 
  • The copy writer creates ideas and writes words that should sell. In the probationary positions, they are known as Junior Copywriters and their basic tasks include proof reading and writing for team projects etc.
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