What is Communication Skill
  • Team work skills
  • Problem solving skills
  • Planning and organizing skills
  • Initiative and Enterprise Leadership skills
  • Negotiation and persuasion skills
  • Self Management
  • Life-long learning

Effective communication skills are essential inputs for Success. Communication involves body language, pronunciation, gestures and ability to listen an  answer to the point. The art of effective communication enables you to understand other and to be understood by them. It is known to one and all that every company these days look for candidates who have the ability to communicate clearly and openly, and to list  and respond empathetically. They also want the employees to possess equally well hone written skills so that their correspondence, including e-mails, does not undo all the work their face to face communication creates.

Important forms of oral communication at the workplace consist of:

  • Building Interpersonal relationships
  • Giving presentations and debating new points effectively.
  • Important written communication includes:
  • Writing professional e-mails
  • Putting concise reports together
  • Creating visually powerful Power Point presentations
  • Tips to improve your communication abilities

Good listening is the first step for effective communication. Once one masters the art of active listening, half the problems concerning communication cease to matter.

Gain command over language. Having a good command over the language is essential. Vocabulary needs to be strong enough, and not necessarily high-flown. You may take up a course or read some good books on effective communication to gain mastery over language or improve fluency in it. What needs to be kept in mind while choosing books is your own innate interest? The basic goal is to read as much as you can. Select some good authors whose language is easy to follow. Improve your pronunciation and diction.

Watch news bulletins on channels like CNN, BBC, etc. Make an effort to speak in to your friends, family members, etc.

Pretend to be a newscaster and read out the newspaper before a mirror. Communication acts as breath and soul in not just your personal relationships, but professional ones as well.

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