What is Client Servicing And Task List in Advertising Career

Client Servicing

The Client Servicing department to an advertising agency is what the heart is to the body. It interprets the inputs provided by the client with the support of the Creative, Media, Film,  Production and Studio team in addition to dealing with the client (the sponsor).

The functions of this department include:

A study of the client, the product and the market

Analysis of consumer behavior & market trends

Knowledge of all available Medias and their cost-effectiveness

Client servicing is involved from the briefing stage and the concept of the ad campaign right through its completion, including the placements of advertisement in relevant media, print or electronic. Some of the key positions of Client Servicing are as follows. Account Directories the head of Client Servicing. He works with Account Supervisors and Executives. The primary job of Account Director is to lead the course of new business while supervising Existing accounts He is also known as Account Planner of the agency, In matters relating to planning and research, he plays a prominent role, He must have a clear understanding of the needs. of his clients. The position of an Account Planner is also important as he has to keep a keen eye on the market developments, the trends, and buyer’s attitude toward the -client as well as the: competitor's brands. Another vital position in the agency is that of the Account Supervisor. In the hierarchy, he stands just below the Account Planner. He is the captain of his team of executives and has to work closely with his counterparts in other departments in matters relating to key decisions and planning and next comes the Account Executive, who devises and coordinates advertising campaigns dealing first-hand with the agency's clients. They must be creative, imaginative with good communication skills and be able to work under pressure. In the course of work, Advertising account executives may perform the following tasks:

  • Discuss with clients and other sources the products to be advertised and obtain relevant information from 'clients such as product and company details,
  • Budget and marketing goals and marketing research;
  • Brief other specialists in the agency (such as creative team, media planners and researchers) on client's requirements, to develop the details of a campaign;
  • present draft campaign suggestions to clients along with a summary of the expenditure involved, and negotiate and arrange for modifications if required;
  • supervise and coordinate the work of the relevant production departments so that the campaign develops to meet deadlines and budget requirements;
  • on acceptance of a program, ensure that the advertising is created as planned; liaise with the client throughout the project and deal with problems as they arise;
  • Assist the client with marketing strategies.
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