Remuneration And Entry Requirements in Advertisement Sector

Remuneration of a Copy Writer:

At entry level, a copy writer gets a stipend of Rs. 10,000 to 15,000 p.m. At middle level, he/she earns Rs. 25,000 to 30,000 p.m. or at senior level, they get between Rs.50,000 to 15 lakh p.m. Moreover, another important position in the Creative Department is that of an Art Director. The Art Director (Senior Visualizer) is responsible for the visual appearance of whatever is produced; It is he who creates the concept of thick paint trickling down the Asian Paints double page. With a visual impact like that, who needs words? Copywriter's task is incomplete without the touch of Art Director. A close co-ordination between the two is a must to ensure the creation of best ads. However, there are also Commercial Artist and Finishing Artist to assist the whole team, Media Department

This department is responsible for the planning, scheduling, booking and the purchase of space and time (in newspapers, magazines, TV's, outdoor hoardings). The Media Manager usually works with the client servicing department to plan and implement the client's advertising. The department also keeps a check on the quality of reproduction of the advertisement. It is not unusual to see sacks full of newspapers and magazines being sifted everyday for advertisements by this department.

Media planning is a specialized function aimed at spending the client's money in the most cost effective manner. It focuses on who the product is trying to reach, therefore, how it should be positioned.

Production and Studio

As the names suggest, Production & Studio produce the advertisements, and their members are technical experts on Printing, Typography, Photography and other processes and materials. Television production is also a rapidly expanding field. Agencies usually depend on independent producers for TV commercials, but they are likely to advise on props, costumes, models and scenery


This department is normally responsible for making sure that the office runs smoothly - from Accounts... to that of correct billings, to client, to personnel getting paid on time, to messengers getting the art work and to meet news paper deadlines.

Finance Department

Like any other business firm, this department looks after the finance of the advertising agency.

Entry requirements

A diploma or preferably a degree in the relevant field from a reputed institute can make your career prospects brighten Some of the entry requirements in general are as under:

1:-Client Servicing: A post graduate diploma or an MBA (preferably) in marketing if you are enough, you can even get through with a graduates degree!

2:-Films some kind of course in audio visuals.

3:-Studio: Course in commercial art.

4:-Production: Course in printing.

5:- Media: M.B.A., or B.Sc. in Statistics.

6:- Finance: C.A., I.C.W.A„ M.B.A. (Finance)

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