Negotiation And Persuasion Skills its Requirement for Career Growth


These are the core skills, essential for success and much sought after by the employers. These skills enable them not just to build strong relationships, but enjoy greater influence over their colleagues and project a positive image of themselves and their organizations as well. Those who lack negotiation and persuasion skills prefer walking out if things are not in their favor or are not according to what they want. But, then, this is not how business happens. One has to be proficient in not just making his/her opinion known to the other but also in listening to what the person at the other end has to say. This type of deal affords fair opportunities to both the parties involved to solve the mutual differences amicably. This is where the role of negotiation and persuasion comes. The one with knowledge and ability to apply these skills has better chances to reap maximum benefits. Besides improving your chances of striking favorable deals, negotiation and persuasion skills help you become acceptable and likeable in others' eyes. In other words, your image improves in others' eyes. Whether it be a candidate negotiating with the prospective employers or a businessman settling prices for selling your products or services to potential buyers/ customers or a common man talking to a bank official for securing loan, etc, negotiation skills yield better financial returns.

Persuasion skills

Effective persuasion helps to get your ideas noticed, enhance your career and improve relationship with others. It makes your job easier too important to keep in mind that effective persuasion is not about intimidation, To be to persuade others to accept and appreciate your ideas and point of view, you may eve to utilize your communication, presentation, relationship and assertiveness skills) gather. In addition the following influencing techniques can be used to persuade Others Put your points across clearly, concisely and in an assertive manner. Use positive languageArgue your case with logic Inquire

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