How to Join Public Relations What is salary and requirement

Public relations Officers provide communication services to organizations that involve writing; researching, rendering advice to management, planning and implementing communication activity and evaluating the effectiveness of their plans. Typically they have excellent communication, analytical and organizational skills, can write concisely, have an interest in current affairs and can work under pressure. It is also expected that they possess keyboard and computer skills.

Public relations officers typically liaise with the media, organize publicity campaigns, prepare publications, organize special promotional events and write media releases. They may specialize in marketing communication to promote sales of products or services and are frequently involved in

Employment Opportunities are available both in Private and Public Sector companies, export houses, airlines, hotels, production companies, Newspapers offices etc. There is a good scope for employment in the field of Information technology as an IT PR. The area of functions in this field may include maintaining relations with the press the Govt. the investors, advertising, running of a house general etc.

Pay & Perks

At entry level, a PR person gets Rs 6000 to Rs 10,000 a month. However, the pay also depends on the kind and level of the organization. After acquiring experience, as a senior professional in public relation sector may earn Rs. 20,000 to 30,000 p.m.


Most of the courses for Public relations are available after graduation. Courses in Journalism are also helpful.

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