Growing importance And Career prospectsof advertising

Growing importance of advertising

Advertising establishes a link between the needs of both the sides i.e. the producer's need to sell and the buyers need of knowledge about the new products and services available in the market, and which one to choose to get satisfaction. This 'consumer satisfaction' is the sole factor behind all the dissemination of information through different forms of advertising like jingles, ad films etc.

The Indian economy has opened up. Multinational companies have virtually invaded our markets, not only giving us a wider range of products to choose from, but also providing us with numerous job options. With growing literacy, consumer awareness and rapid advances in the electronic media, advertising, though comparatively a young profession, has begun to play a major role in shaping life-style in the urban metropolitan.

Advertising in India is, along with the sweeping changes seen across industries, also changing, as industry mirrors events taking place in the economy and industries it serves and reflects changes with little or no lead times. Witness to this is the fact that most of the top agencies have tie-ups with global agency networks, and many more tie-ups are in the offing, with a global affiliation being the key to survival and growth. With the advent of MNCs professionalism among Indian companies has increased. Global networks which have historically had presence in India are also considerably increasing.

Career prospects

Career wise, there is an excellent scope for growth in this field. But what is true about the overall competition in the market equally applies to the advertising people. In the past ten years especially job prospects have widened much further than traditional roles to include a whole array of people working behind the scenes. The premium on public relations, promotions, research and technical skills is set to rise as the influence of the technological revolution continues to spread. If you have well-developed communication skills and the ability to think critically in a fast-faced environment full of controversy, working in the media would ensure a rewarding and challenging future.

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