Different Types of Career in Cartoons And Remuneration in This Sector

General Humour Cartooning: Drawing of this type of cartoons, need an ability to see the things through a comic vision.

Political Cartooning: For this one should have a good knowledge of politics and also the journalistiC temperament.

children Cartooning: One should have a sound knowledge of child psychology and children's ve to see the things and peoples

Editorial Cartooning: Journalistic experience added with an analytical ability as well as a sound knowledge Of spheres Of life,

Economic?Seience cartooning: You are not expected to be a Science or Economics wizard but po•sing functional knowledge is necessary,

Computer graphic • based cartooning / Animation: Knowledge of computer graphics, ability to operate various multimedia softwatts and of course imagination and creativity is required, One who wants to make a good living by drawing cartoons should already be good at it by the time they leave high school.

Where you can work prominent places where a cartoonist can work are art stud ios, magazines, publishing houses, animation houses, as freelancers.

You can work asa freelancer. Draw cartoons and send them to /newspapers magazines. Keep doing this until your cartoons are being published regularly. Be prepared to draw hundreds of cartoons. You will need to buy a lot of magazines that print submitted cartoons, and send each magazine the type of cartoons they're looking for.

You can work for a cartoon company: You get hired on as an artist (one of many) to help produce cartoons ofone form or another. This could be as an animator at Disney, a comic book artist, or as an artist in a book publication office.. There are numerous possibilities. The advantage is that you have a reasonably well-paying, steady career and on-the-job experience.


Remuneration of a cartoonist depends on the organization. A cartoonist in the beginning of his/her career can expect a salary between Rs.10000-Rs15000 per month. With experience and proficiency, one can expect higher remuneration.

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