Cartoonist And Personal attributes of Cartoonist


" cartoon is that rare creation that wraps art, portraiture and comment in the same picture. It appears funny but the message it delivers is hardly that. "

A cartoon is "an amusing drawing in a newspaper or magazine, especially about politics or current events." The basic purpose of a cartoon is to draw the attention of the readers to particular event or personality such a manner that we feel amused to look at it but at the same get a message of something being out of place, wrong or unexpected. To include a cartoon item has become a regular feature of almost all the newspapers and magazines. It is mostly published on the front page of the newspaper. Drawing a comical sketch of a political leader or any other personality is the work of a

cartoonist. It can be related to the latest political event or a hot gossip in the political arena or the film industry. A cartoonist observes people and can make a politician look quiet funny and stupid.

Personal attributes

Basic requirements to become a good cartoonist are - inherent talent, good observation power and interest in what goes on in the political arena as well as other important spheres of life. The profession of cartoonist has emerged as a lucrative career option in India. One can work as political

cartoonist or comic cartoonist in any newspaper or magazine or can work with animation houses. Nowadays, almost every newspaper dedicates one column for cartoons.

A person interested to become a professional cartoonist can opt for graphic designing or sketching programs at graduation or post graduation diploma levels. For cartooning, knowledge of animation is handy, especially when one wants to opt for the electronic media.

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