Career Options After Film And TV Courses in India


The producer as the name suggests, is the one who produces a programme. He is the controller Of a project. He is the one with the maximum number of responsibilities. He is the finance manager, he has to have a firm grip on the subject of the project and at times has a lot to do with the selection of artists and the technical crew. He coordinates and brings together people who work as a team but at the same time perform varied functions in their individual capacity. It is a tough job

Production Assistant

He is the right-hand man of a producer, Better known as production coordinators, they liaise between the producer, the director, camera men etc, They are always on their toes from pre• production to the post-production stage. They organise the entire work force and are also responsible for booking hotels and flights for all the team members. A Production Assistant is present during the shoots and calls shots for camera. If a person gets a chance to work as production assistant he is ekposed to the entire gamut of television production. A three to four year experience teaches you a lot about different aspects of T.V. production thereby making it easier for you to make a forte for your self.

Script writer

Earlier nobody wanted his child to become a writer. In fact, people used to associate poverty, pain and frustration with this profession. But now times have changed. The proliferation of new channels has increased career opportunities in each and every field. You can start by assisting an established writer, who is well versed with the ins and outs of this field. Talent is informal education and therefore requires a well defined path and proper guidance. For example, using simple language or writing a compact story in which all characters are well shaped and the story follows a definite path and does not deviate from the main theme all of a sudden.

Sound Engineer

During a shooting there is lot of noise and disturbance but what is finally shown on the screen is contrary to what we witness during shooting. Yes, superior sound quality, amazing sound effects etc, are brought to us by the sound recordists, Sound recording is divided into three parts - sound recording, song recording and sound re-recording. The complete process comprises of production and post-production tasks, Beginning from set up to recording stage comes under production part. Post production involves - copying in the studio, editing, dubbing, sound mixing, reproducing sound, etc.

Presenter and Announcer

Now-a-days, becoming an anchor or a news reader is considered the in-thing. If you wish to make a name for yourself in this field, then the basic requirements are - excellent communication skills, presence of mind, clarity, well modulated voice and above all a versatile personality,


A researcher provides facts and figures for informative programmers. He is a Very important person because the quality of any program is judged by the information it provides. For example, in an environment show, a researcher is expected to tap reliable sources like environmental societies or organizations for information or for explaining a technical subject.


He is the one who supervises and instructs the actors, the camera crew, etc. He can make or mar the future of a serial or a film. He knows how to get the best performance from every member of his team. A director is not only required to do all this but he has to be there in the studios fot editing, dubbing etc. In short, the post-production work. Therefore, if you aspire to become a director, then you need a creative mind, ability to think and imagine, leadership qualities, in-depth knowledge of intricacies involved in film making.

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