Areas of Photography Its Career prospects And Remuneration

Digital Photography

Nowadays, digital photography is getting popular. For this, first of all, you require a good quality digital camera. It is simple. One of the great benefits of clicking pictures With it is that one can take

more snaps once he increases the memory of the camera.

Remuneraliotr. As an assistant, you may earn Rs. 8000 to 1()0()(). After ganung some experience, you may be earning around Rs.1500() to 20000 p.m.

Fashion Photography

Fashion photography deals with displaying clothing and other fashion items. A few things .re very clear about fashion photography - it is a glamorous profession, It commands amazing audience, it is highly remunerative, it relates to international life-style. But, as with most of the other

profession, it could hardly be true about every fashion photographer. It is not easy task to enter the world of fashion photography industry. The real job of a good fashion photographer is to make the clothes and models look unbelievably artistic.

Career prospects

So long as there is demand for clothes in the market, there will be demand for good fashion photographers. If you make your name, you can get recognised internationally and have the privilege of being in the company of renowned models, fashion designers, celebrities, etc. Above, you can make a handsome income working with fashion designers, boutiques, retailers, manufacturers, modeling agencies, stock photography agency, advt. agencies and periodicals.

If you have always or ever dreamt of being an entrepreneur, you can make most of your talent as a fashion photographer: You can find employment in fashion manufacturer, a fashion house, in an advertising company, in a publication house such as a newspaper, magazine or a book publisher, or in a retail house; You can opt to work as freelancer.

Remuneration: in the beginning, a fashion photographer can earn approx. and it also depends on. company or organisation in which you are working with. The salary goes high with experience or reputation.

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