Careers in Clothing/garment Industry' the fashion and clothing industry makeup wide variety of products which require different marketing and production consideration, The industry can be divided in three basic ways
1,By size of company (either large or small),
2, By fashion content (high fashion or low fashion
3, By garment type-tailored or casual outerwear or light clothing (dress and lingerie).
It is evident that the various combination that are possible from these three types make an interesting, but perhaps confusing image of the industry as a whole. For instance, a company making very high fashion dresses for the teenage market will probably be making them in fairly small quantities as the needs of the customer change so rapidly. This means the accent will be more on producing up to the minute fashion garments which can be delivered quickly but less on highly organized methods of production; On the other hand a clothing company making shirts which are sold in the High Street Chain Stores concentrates on production efficiency. Garments will be produced in large quantities at a value-for-money price using advanced technology. Fewer accents will be placed on design considerations.
At the other extremes will be the high priced high quality men's suit made for an individual customer. It is assembled by a few crafts-people skilled in cutting, fitting and making a high quality single garment.


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